Skilled Nursing Visits

"The best medicine for humans is care and love. If it doesn't work, increase the dose." -unknown 

Helping Hands Healthcare nurses aren't just nurses. They're specialists who take on many roles.
As guardians of our clients’ overall physical and emotional well-being, our nurses are:
Coordinators of care
Liasons between the client and the other members of the client’s care team such as physicians, families, social workers, therapists and mental health professionals
Educators who teach clients and families how to care for themselves and each other within the parameters of the diagnosis
Nutritionists ensuring proper diet and monitoring the client’s weight and nutritional health
The eyes and ears for family and physicians when they can’t be by the client’s side
The first responder to a developing symptom or emergency
Advocates for our clients and their families while navigating the plan of care
Consultants who help make the home and living arrangements safe for our clients
Skilled nursing care is a direct, hands-on service with specific, established goals determined by the core plan of care. Helping Hands Healthcare nurses routinely assess the client’s progress in response to the plan of care and identify health, safety and medical issues as they arise. Our ContinuLink system enables our nurses to coordinate instantaneously with the interdisciplinary care team, allowing them to work together to update and adapt the plan of care in real time. This ensures that our skilled nurses provide our clients with the best possible care and additional attention swiftly, as the need arises. 
Helping Hands Skilled Nursing Services include:
Wound care/wound VAC
IV therapy
Disease management
Medication evaluation and management
Pain management
Bowel and bladder programs
Diabetic teaching and care
Health education for the client and family
Anticoagulant monitoring
Catheter care
Central line and port maintenance and management
Psychiatric and behavioral care
Blood pressure management and monitoring
Laboratory draws and evaluations
Ostomy care
Fall prevention and emergency preparedness planning
Safety home assessments
Nutritional guidance
Hand/foot care
Emotional and psychological support
Physical assessment/health screening
Enteral feedings

At Helping Hands Healthcare, the essence of our brand of nursing is in combining the science of healthcare with the art of caring. Call us today to learn more. Toll free: 877-894-5438 or Local: 513-777-2818