case management

Case Management

Think of your Helping Hands Healthcare Case Manager as your trail guide, leading you up through the forest of information, insurance and plans of care to the summit of optimal wellness. 

When you or a loved one becomes ill or has a major change in health status, there’s a lot to do – and a lot to learn. We understand how overwhelming this time can be for well-intentioned family and caregivers who are trying to get it all done in the midst of their own busy lives, or from afar when home is several states away. 

Helping Hands Healthcare Case Managers can help. 

We’ve been in healthcare for a long time, and we’ve spent years forging a well-beaten path through the confusion. We’ve built trusted relationships with the professionals we coordinate with to provide the best possible care to our clients. Our case managers are equipped with industry experience and the medical expertise to help guide you through the decisions you need to make and to advocate for our clients to ensure compliance with the plan of care.
Helping Hands Case Managers are licensed professionals and play a vital role in the overall supervision of your health and well-being. We will:
Provide collaboration assessment of client health and well-being
Oversee ongoing evaluation of the plan of care 
Deliver care and intervention services as necessary
Coordinate with the interdisciplinary care team, the client and the family to administer plan of care 
Educate and update the client and family on the evolution and administration of the plan of care

Above all, our case managers work tirelessly to coordinate with healthcare professionals, family and loved ones to help each client reach the pinnacle of recovery, comfort and independence in the familiar surroundings of home.