Employment Quick Questions

We welcome your application to join our team, but you may have some questions first.

Below are our answers to questions we commonly receive from applicants. 
What is the mission of Helping Hands Healthcare?
Helping hands is committed to providing family-centered home healthcare services in an environment that maintains medical stability and fosters social, emotional, intellectual and physical development.
How would you describe Helping Hands Healthcare?
Helping Hands is a family-owned and operated business with a strong local presence in Southwestern Ohio. We pride ourselves on "putting our clients first." In addition, excellence and passion about home healthcare are found throughout the organization.
Why should I choose home healthcare as a career path?
Working in home healthcare is a personal and rewarding way to help human beings. The growth you will see in your communicaiton skills and understanding of others is infinitely valuable. In addition, we find that when you open your heart to others, it helps to not only improve the lives of our clients, but your life as well. You will see and feel the positive impact you have on others every day. 
How do I succeed at Helping Hands Healthcare?
The best way to succeed is to be compassionate and caring. You also must by HIGHLY reliable and have the ability to be on time and manage your schedule carefully. You must also have a warm and caring heart with the ability to listen and assist those in need. You must uphold high standards every day, with every client. Most importantly, you must put the client first.
What kinds of opportunities exist for advancement?
Helping Hands Healthcare encourages all employees to "give a little extra." The employees who are passionate about what they do and show excellence in their work are perfect for advancement. We value education and encourage our employees to obtain advanced training and degrees to help prepare them for their next opportunity.
How does my schedule work?
You will be assigned to a specific division or department. The scheduling coordinator will assign you work as the clients need assistance. Our hours are heavy between 0700-1900 (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.). As a homecare worker, you are expected to be available for our clients' needs.
How long will I have a client?
We offer service to our clients on an as-needed basis. If the client is able to obtain goals you could be with them for a short time. Sometimes we have clients who are disabled and these clients are with us long-term. We promote stability and quality of life as needed, and some of our clients have been with us since the origination of our company. Others have regained their independence and no longer need our services; we celebrate their achievement. 
When was Helping Hands Healthcare founded?
We opened our doors in October 1999 to serve highly technical Pediatric Private Duty patients. Over the years, we have gradually evolved into an elderly care agency.

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