Respite Care

It’s ok to admit it - as a primary caregiver, you’ve got a lot on your plate. 

You, too, need some comfort and compassion every now and then to help you maintain your strength and keep on going tomorrow. We know that our clients’ health and overall outlook is highly dependent upon the health and well-being of the people they interact with day after day. And because we believe so strongly in caring for our clients’ emotional as well as physical health, we designed our Respite Care Services to support you.
When you hire Helping Hands Respite Care, you can put your mind at ease that for the few hours you need to take care of yourself for a change, your loved one’s in caring, capable hands.
We understand that you want to provide the very best care for your loved one and many of you take great joy and comfort in providing that care yourself. But we also understand that many of you juggle every-day life, children and careers along with the care you’re giving to your loved one. Over time, these demands can take a heavy toll on you. Recent studies have shown that primary caregivers report higher incidences of depression, illness and wages lost as a result of leaving work to care for a dependent.
Think you can’t take a break without the guilt? Think again. Helping Hands Healthcare is here to grant your wish for some time away, guilt free.
Our staff of compassionate, intuitive homemakers, aides and nurses can step seamlessly into your shoes and give your loved one the same high standard of care that you do. For more information on the services they provide, call or click to learn more.

So go ahead and take a deep breath. Get some sleep. Run your errands. Read a book. Clean your own house. Play with your kids. Get some exercise. Take a shower. Think of all you can do with your time.