Helping Hands Homemakers provide our clients and their families with a renewed sense of freedom.  

Some of our clients think of our Homemakers as “housekeepers,” and that’s ok with us. Our Homemakers are healthcare providers who are involved with coordinating all household activities and providing social interaction. Their role is to keep the house clean, cheerful and fresh for our clients. They also help with day-to-day activities that may have become difficult due to an inability or reluctance to drive, or waning strength and endurance.
Dependable, compassionate aides relieve family and caregivers of day-to-day tasks, so their time spent with loved ones can be filled with activities to enjoy together, rather than household chores. 
Our Homemaker services include:
Grocery shopping
Running errands
Meal preparation
Laundry – wash, dry and put away clothes, as well as ironing if needed
Sweeping and vacuuming floors
Cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens
Wash and put away dishes
Menu planning as well as preparing and serving meals
Trash removal
Organizing closets and storage space
Change and wash bed linens
Retrieve mail
Maintenance of household pets and plants
Washing insides of windows (that do not require a ladder)