Home Assistance

Our Helping Hands Healthcare Home Assistance team draws inspiration time and again from the poem "One Little Candle" by Carol Dunn, quoted above. We've sprinkled a few of our favorite lines throughout the Home Assistance section of our website to show you what this division of our company is all about.

In certain phases of life, you’re going to need a little help.

Getting through each day may have become a challenge. As you increasingly must depend on others for your daily care, you may be afraid of losing your independence, trusting a new caregiver, and the loss of dignity. Our Helping Hands Home Assistance team can be your cheerful light to lead you away from fears like these. It’s ok to ask for help – and once you work with us, we know you’ll be glad you did.
We understand that friends and family are your first choice of caregivers, and we also understand that they want to be with you, too. Sometimes loved ones live far away, or busy schedules, career obligations and caring for a young family make it difficult for them to be by your side as much as they’d like. The Helping Hands Home Assistance team can step in and help you in between visits with friends and family. Our warm, caring staff is always ready with a hug and a smile. 

Our home care professionals come to us with open hearts and willing minds, but before they ever work with a client they must first complete our rigorous in-house training program

At Helping Hands Healthcare, we expect excellence so we hand-pick the individuals we believe will provide the most knowledgeable, compassionate, thorough care possible. And then we train them – continuously.
Our advanced telephony system keeps our team accountable. Aides must call in to our system directly from the client’s site upon arrival and provide a worker ID#.  They must call again at departure. The system is monitored continuously so that time spent with the patient is tracked. This means quality assurance for you and more accurate billing. Your insurance will thank us.
Armed with the Helping Hands Healthcare seal of approval and backed by our tracking system, our home care professionals are fully prepared to lend a hand and brighten your day.
We offer a full spectrum of services, allowing us to provide a continuous plane of care that is adaptable to a client’s ever-changing needs. 
We’ll work with you and your current caregivers to create a customized care plan that maintains medical stability while nurturing your emotional, psychological, intellectual and social well-being.

Our home assistance services include:

24-hour recovery assistance
Homemaker services
Home health aide services
Patient/family education
Call today to learn more about what Helping Hands Healthcare can do to brighten someone's day.