Home Healthcare Overview

We all know the saying, “there is no place like home.”

There are a multitude of reasons why somebody may need healthcare at home. Sometimes our clients are having a planned surgery, others have suffered a fall or change in generalized strength, some need specific help with eating, talking or walking and many need help understanding what medications to take and why.  

We at Helping Hands Healthcare understand that there are a lot of things that are confusing and difficult to understand in today’s healthcare market. We can help guide our clients and their families through the “maze” of benefits, payer sources, services and almost anything that pertains to the delivery of home care. Our management staff has over 100 years of experience in this business. Together they utilize their skills to make your home care experience the best possible. 

Just imagine having a nurse or physical therapist come right to your door rather than making the trip out to a facility. That’s what home healthcare is all about. Our team utilizes specific assessments to evaluate your needs and will work with your physical to create a customized treatment plan. We can help you work through medical crisis such as heart attacks or strokes. We can also help you with broken bones and rehabilitation, so our clients can return to the comfort of their own home. We also have highly focused clinical programs designed to address the specific needs of long-term illness such as Diabetes, COPD, Arthritis and pain management.
Our priority, first and foremost, is to help our clients recover or maintain stability and regain independence safely in the home environment.
When you work with Helping Hands Healthcare, you and your loved ones with enjoy a better quality of life and the peace of mind in knowing you're in good hands.