Home Care Facts

What is Home Care?

Home care provides services to persons of all ages. It includes preventative care, chronic or acute care, rehabilitation care, and long or short-term medical care. Services can be as simple as helping with errands or giving a bath to something as intricate as infusion of antibiotics at home. Respite care is any type of care in the short-term to provide the primary caregiver some relief and often is prescribed during times of medical changes with clients, or to help ease the burden of caring for a loved one with a chronic condition or illness.
Quite simply, home care is receiving quality medical care in the comfort of your own home.
As a result of their familiar home surroundings, our clients are often able to increase their independence with the support of their loved ones nearby. Home care services are often performed under the direction of the clients’ physician. The home care services can be provided by one type of health care practitioner such as an RN or LPN, or by an integrated team of professionals that includes social workers, therapists and nurses who cooridate with our clients' physicians.
Statistics show that usage of home care results in fewer hospital admissions, faster recoveries, and decreases the cost of healthcare. With the rising cost of hospital stays, an aging population, and increased technology, the healthcare industry now relies on home care as a solution to complete the client’s healing process.