Our Technology

Bringing Innovation to Home Care

We’re committed to continuously pursuing excellence in home healthcare. One challenge we identified in this industry over the years was facilitating interdisciplinary teams, keeping them updated on client records and holding them accountable for services and maintaining compliance.
Helping Hands Healthcare has worked hard to be at the forefront of technology, utilizing it to address the challenges in coordination of care and to serve as a foundation for the excellent care our organization provides to our clients. As technology advances, we constantly adapt our process to enhance the client’s clinical care. We have invested in a number of systems that enable our professionals to assess, coordinate and deliver the very best in quality care. 

Following are some of the ways we incorporated technology into care delivery:

Clinical Point of Care electronic medical records
All RNs and therapists carry iPads with them so that they can access the Point of Care system directly from the client’s home. This system houses the extensive network of patient records and caregivers including social workers, family members, physician, nurses and therapists. Within this system, our team can pull up physicians’ orders, chart patient progress, note communications with caregivers and family members and input data. This is a powerful tool that provides real-time information and a collaborative environment so that the care plan can be consistently implemented and our patient receives the compassionate, informed care.
Our system can:
  • Access all client data
  • Provide coordinated documentation
  • Use technology for specialized teaching and education
  • Act as a resource for questions and/or concerns regarding client care
  • Incorporate email into routine care
This remarkable system improves our field staff compliance by verifying that our workers are at their client’s home for the full amount of allotted time and that they are on time. It monitors the employees clocking in and out using the client’s home telephone to dial into a toll free number. The system will automatically update Helping Hands Healthcare if you caregiver did not arrive or clock in on time for their scheduled shift. All staff members must call into our state-of-the-art telephony system that connects directly with our office once they arrive at a home and again once they leave. They must call from the client’s phone and provide a worker ID number so that we can track every individual we entrust with our clients. We continuously monitor the system so that we have precise records of how much attention clients are receiving and so that we can bill accurately for time.
Medication reminders
Sometimes a client needs a regular reminder to take their medications. With the incorporation of a medication reminder system, clients get automatic notification when it’s time to take a medication. As a part of this program, the nurse will monitor the client’s compliance closely.
Halter Monitors
Often the cardiologist cannot tell what’s going with a client and they desire a better picture clinically of what is happening. This device is worn for a few days to weeks and will record all heartbeats for evaluation by the doctor.
Digital Imaging
Computer technology has revolutionized the process of documenting wounds and open sores. High resolution digital cameras assist our practitioners in their teaching and treatment of the wound. Helping Hands Healthcare pays special attention to wounds and utilizes digital imaging to assist with the delivery of care. These digital images can document and help us maintain the progress visually. We have found that visional remedies enhance the plan of care and enhance the delivery of care. Studies show that wounds heal faster with specialized care. Digital imaging can improve treatment and assist in developing an appropriate plan of care.