Spiritual Care

Strengthened by faith. Empowered by our hearts.

Helping Hands Healthcare is very aware that clients and families may need spiritual care. We work hard to educate our staff on the role they play in assisting our clients and families with their spiritual needs. Chaplains from a multitude of faiths visit hundreds of individuals in their homes. Their visits can allow families to share their stories, assist with prayer and provide support. These chaplains are filled with love, empathy and the passion to serve people in need. As one of our chaplains says, "You know faith, hope and a little helping hand along the way goes far."
There are many reasons why clients may need spiritual care. Here are a few scenarios:
  • Crisis assistance
  • Terminal diagnosis
  • Feeling depressed
  • Sadness or feelings of isolation
  • Experiencing fear
  • Needing a good listener
  • A need for "inner healing"

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