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About Us

This is the page where we’re supposed tell you who we are, what we’re founded on and what makes us tick. The truth is, though, that this industry is not about us. It’s about you and giving you what you need. 

We’ve given this a lot of thought and have spent over 30 years evolving into a company that offers a multitude of solutions designed to give our clients, their loved ones and their care team what they need most:

You need a well-equipped care team.

Every member of the Helping Hands Healthcare staff has been hand-picked and completes our proprietary in-house training program in addition to required state licenses and certificates before we send them to care for our clients. From home health aides to RNs, we hire top talent and our care team is steeped in the knowledge our founders spent over 30 years accumulating.  

You need up-to-the-minute technological applications and innovative solutions. 

We’ve invested in state-of-the-art technological solutions designed to facilitate communication between our staff, our clients, their families and their interdisciplinary care team. Time is of the essence in home healthcare and our technological capabilities connect all parties involved in our clients’ care to identify a need, administer necessary medication and help speed critical decisions while allowing us to closely supervise our staff to keep them accountable and compliant

Our technological solutions include:

  • Clinical Point of Care electronic medical records that provides accurate, comprehensive patient information in real time so our staff can provide up-to-the-minute care
  • A telephony system that monitors employees as they check in and out of a client site and records how long they’ve been there as well as how often they visit
  • A medication reminder system that automatically notifies a client that it’s time to take a medication
  • Halter monitors that allow a client’s cardiologist to keep a watchful eye on them from a remote location
  • Digital imaging that allows us to carefully monitor wounds, send images to doctors and speed the development of necessary care plans to treat wounds faster than ever before
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You need someone who understands what you’re going through.

In our years in this business, we’ve worked with many clients and their loved ones – people just like you. We’ve listened to their concerns, struggles and hopes and we have learned a great deal from this experience
We’ve read the white papers, the clinical studies, the case studies and the news stories. We remain apprised of – and participate in – national support groups, non-profit groups, and legislative groups for people coping with what you are coping with. 
Here are a few stand-out bits of research we’ve run across that have fueled our motivation more than ever to provide the best home healthcare in the industry. Did you know that…
  • In a study known as “Aging in Place in America,” commissioned by Clarity and the EAR Foundation, it was revealed seniors feared loss of independence more than they feared death. We weren’t surprised – many of our clients and their families express similar concerns when they are facing the choice between a nursing home and home healthcare. 
  • According to the National Family Caregivers Association, 65 million people – 29 percent of the adult population – spend an average of 20 hours a week caring for aging, chronically ill or disabled loved ones. This is true for most of our clients’ families and when they finally made the call to us, we recognized the difficult choice they had just made. We work tirelessly with all our clients and their families to map out a plan of care that works best for their specific challenges.
  • Multiple studies have shown that the financial, mental, physical and emotional costs of caring for a loved one are substantial.  And between 40-70 percent of people providing the sole care for their loved one suffer from depression. 
You are not alone. Whether you are the client in need of assistance, a caregiver for a loved one who lives nearby or trying to figure out how to care for someone from far away, we can help. You and your loved one can feel confident in hiring our services. Both of you will receive the restorative care and assistance you need from our compassionate, competent and knowledgeable staff. 

You need an advocate.

In today’s world of ever-expanding healthcare options, insurance labyrinths and multi-faceted teams of  healthcare professionals, our patients and their families often find that they must be their own advocates as they navigate through their plans of care and sort out how to pay for them.
When you hire Helping Hands Healthcare, we become your advocates. We are a Medicare Certified home healthcare company. Additionally, with our years in the business, we have formed a network of trusted partnerships and strong relationships with people in our industry whose goals are the same as ours: to put our clients’ best interests first. We are eternally grateful to our partners and their help in providing our clients with options and solutions to get them the best care they need when they need it. 

You need a company that has the resources, expertise and capability to provide you with progressive medical care, while providing you and your loved ones with personal, one-on-one TLC. 

As a long-standing, reputable company, we currently service eight counties in Southwestern Ohio and we’re rapidly expanding. We’re active at the state level in helping to influence home healthcare legislation in Ohio, we attend a multitude of state and national conferences to teach as well as learn, and we remain apprised of developments in technology, education and in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries that have the potential to make an immediate, positive impact in the lives of our clients. 
While all of that keeps us busy on the corporate level, our dedicated team is out there every day caring for our clients, one at a time. They make it a point to get to know all of our clients, right down to the names of pets, friends and favorite ice cream. That’s Helping Hands Healthcare at its core, and that’s the Helping Hands difference.

Our clients are the center of all we do. We understand how to give you the best care possible, and at Helping Hands Healthcare, we put your needs first.